Global Climate System

As a known fact, humans cant be able to predict the whole nature. On a whole it takes nearly an era to understand what climate change is. There would be a plenty of questions , facts and controversies related to climate Change.
Are Human activities the only reason?
Is rise in level of CO2 , the main cause of Global Warming??
Nowadays, our planet is Getting warmer when compared to the previous years. The rise in the Surface temperature leads to
Glaciation of ice which leads to Coastal Flooding
Green House Gas Effect
Destructive Hurricanes
Prolonged Drought
Was all this occurred Suddenly? No!!
In the Middle Century the Roman Empire was found to be an highly populated empire. But due to the change in climate there were many complications which reduced half of the population. So,Climate Change is not a new obstacle to be taken as an uncomplicated problem which is happening now and then.


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